Seven essays on Lean Software Development

Over the course of the next seven weeks I will be writing an essay per week on each of the seven Lean Software Development principles. I will be writing about my experience in an amazing turnaround, were we went from being dysfunctional, barely delivering with real quality issues to where we are now with a decent delivery cadence, trust from the “business” and quality issues being eliminated.

I believe we achieved all of this by inadvertently applying the seven principles of LSD, namely:

And we achieved this turnaround in less than eight months.

I hope to provide concrete examples of how we implemented the principles, and the tools we used to accomplish our turn around. I will describe how we were, and what we are like now, and the absolutely amazing difference this has made to the team.

Although we did not set out with LSD in mind, much of our thinking was shaped by Eric Ries’s the Lean Startup and the Toyota Way, which are contributors to the LSD movement. I have not yet read any of Tom and Mary Poppendieck’s books, but they are most definitely next on my reading list. And once I have read one of their books I hope to come back to review my essays.


About craigew

I am a technologist at heart and enjoy working with like minded people who show a passion for what they do. Craftsmanship is important to me and each day I am honing my skills as a software developer on a journey to one day becoming a master software craftsman.
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